UNBOXING - a 12 h art hack, Jan 2014

12 hour performance (of making a work)

Sebastian Nordbeck and I, along with two other artists, were invited to take part in a 12 hour performance
based on the theme "unboxing" - (when people upload videos of when they unpack a new laptop or console on youtube).
The theme perfectly provided context, opportunity and reason for making a micro-chip sculpture we had found in a comic (in which the protagonist is a micro-chip artist).

The model. From the artist's studio


Workspace view, performance in progress, (looking for parts)

Final work

WTITB 53, 65x55x55cm, 2014

plastic banana, wood, cords, micro-chip, and various electronic stuff (insides of digital tv-boxes), acrylic.

WTITB 53, banana detail